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What is it to “prospect”

Have you ever found yourself with a great idea that just KNOW someone will want to be a part of?

Have you ever looked for that person in various attempts to get his or her attention and influence them so that he/she does what you expected to do from the beginning? Well, my friend, that is prospecting!

Prospecting is the act of looking for a person or population that is most likely to do what you are hoping for. It could be to buy a product or service, ask for a job, donate some money or goods to charity, etc.

In this article, Growth-X will explain how and why you should be prospecting on LinkedIn.

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Stephanie Angelino

I'm Growth-X's digital marketing, copywriter, and customer success expert who focuses on growth hacks for B2B companies. When not working, you might catch me doing yoga or planning my next adventure.

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