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How can you generate Linkedin leads
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About You

Yes, we know, you expected the good old boring “About Us” page here, with some funny pictures, and a cute dog to make you like us :). We’ll leave that for later. Being customer-centric, we prefer to start by telling you who our ideal customer is. If that's you, let’s talk!

YOU want the best

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You don't settle for an "ok" service. You want the very best, or nothing at all.

YOU are open minded

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Willing to try out new, unconventional ways of doing things.

YOU are not here to play

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You want to see nothing but exceptional results! And willing to pay for it.

YOU want top service

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You appreciate great, personal service, from people that really care about you and your success.

Why Growth-X

Growth-X is not just about marketing automation, it’s about getting you meetings arriving to your inbox. There are 20+ so called “competitors” in our market (and for a fraction of our cost), that offer some basic “LinkedIn tools”. Yet over and over again great companies choose to work with us and use Growth-X as a key part of their growth strategy. Here’s why:

How it Works

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Not at all!

Being a customer-centric company, our service includes intensive help with content, targeting, analysis and campaign optimizations. Aside from initial feedback and onboarding, you’ll get weekly status calls to make sure you’re getting the results you’re here for. You’ll work with lead generation, content, and outbound experts that won’t rest till you hit success!

Companies using Growth-X

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