How to boost your B2B sales with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and others.


Boots your b2b sales

We are almost at that particular time of the year in which we get the joy of seeing every e-commerce store with a GIANT discount banner, such as Black Friday.

But did you know there are many other special dates that you should have circled on your sales calendar?

 You should consider being present and taking advantage of these sales events regardless of B2B or B2C.

So if you’re looking to boost your sales strategy, you came to the right place.

Black Friday is one of the best times of the year to offer discounts to your audience!


Easter: April 17

Amazon Prime Day: June 21 – 22

Black Friday: November 26

Cyber Monday: November 1 – 3

New Year’s Eve: December 31

Christmas Eve: December 24

Super Saturday:  The last Saturday before Christmas. Targeted to the last-minute shopper

Your company’s anniversary:

It’s always recommendable to celebrate your company’s success thriving for another full year. Your anniversary could be the best excuse to get more clients.

Your client’s anniversary within your company

Here we have the same case, but the celebrated one will be your client. Thanking them for trusting in your product or service will increase their customer loyalty. You are making them feel appreciated and looking forward to the following year’s present. 

Your country’s independence date

It depends on your country’s culture, people’s predisposition, but it is widespread to see discounts around this particular date in places like the USA and Latin America.

Tax-free weekends

Be aware and inform your audience about this discount that doesn’t affect your cost!

Strategic Social Selling

Your audience is waiting for you to offer an excuse to buy.

When Social Selling, the most important thing to do is give your audience an excuse to buy. Traditional incentives such as discounts are all over the market, but when merging them with people’s predisposition toward buying during Sales events, the purchase rate skyrockets.

Another thing to consider is that if your competitors are doing marketing campaigns with Black Friday, everyone looking for its discounts won’t buy from you. As a result, the competition would also have the opportunity to gain their customer loyalty, gaining territory on the market.

How to take advantage of Sales events

As in every marketing campaign, you want to stand out from the rest of the companies. You are competing with businesses that do similar things as you, but you’re also competing with every company relevant to the customer. Why? Especially on B2B, because there is a budget involved, the client will spend it on whatever he believes will help him the best on the problem that bugs him the most.

For example, a digital marketing agency may be looking for a great deal on an image, video, and other resource banks. Still, there is also a company with automated lead generation software. So they with the what will bring the most success. Have lots of images to create great content? Or clients to grow and buy the bank image later on?

So to make sure you’re the best deal they can get in every aspect, here are some tips you can use:

  • On the graphic design side, make sure your logo, “ Black Friday, Still, there,” and the discount are the first thing to see on your ads. The second thing in the hierarchy must be the product or service you’re offering.
  • An extra incentive only a few uses is offering freebies with your customer’s purchase—for example, a time limit trial for a premium feature in an app.
  • Have your e-commerce ready. Make sure it’s updated, fast and easy on the user experience. A complicated website is a waste of time, and the customer can quickly move on to the competitor with a similar price. 

How much do sales events boost my KPIs?

Forecast the success you expect from the Sales Events tracking your KPIs.

Of course, that depends on your industry, country, etc. But if you’d like to make a forecast of how much you can make, I encourage you to search for past years’ metrics on the event of each sale.

Take Black Friday’s statistics as a reference.

By studying the results given in the past years, you’ll understand the potential of participating in such promotions, and you’ll be able to forecast KPIs within your organization.

How to be ahead of the competition

Be the first one to announce your participation in the sales event

The most important thing is to be the first one to announce your participation in the event. Be the first one to earn the customer’s attention and mindset. So when the discounts are open to the public, you are the first thing that will remind them to buy.

Pre-buy products are more than reliable when talking about releases. This case may not be the release of a new product or service, but it is an opportunity to start selling even before the competition’s promotions even begin.

So when a Sales Event comes, you will be ready to have sold more than the average e-commerce.

REMEMBER: mainly if yoyou're2B, your customers have limited time and budget. So being the first to offer can be the difference between a successful sales season or an average one. Click To Tweet

Another tip that may help secure more sales is allying with a company that complements your product. For example: imagine you do PCP campaigns and you offer a discount for a 3-month trial. On top of that, you partnered with a content generation house that provides X amount of minutes on video editing. So your new client now has the whole package for his Strategic Social Selling, and you’ll only take care of your side of the bargain.

So how did you find these tips and tricks to boost your sales?

Make sure to mark the dates on your calendar and prepare your strategy with time in advance so that there is room for mistakes and improvement.

Have you ever prepared your company for such events? Share your experience in the comments!


Starting his career at McCann Erickson as a creative copywriter at only 20 years old, he showed creative thinking and writing for brand ad campaigns in ATL and BTL. He got invited to be a part of Fast Media Management as team coordinator and scaled his way up to be a partner and the agency’s Chief Operating Officer. Later on, the company was renamed Fast Media Group. Today, Dan spends his days working from Israel building relationships for FMG and creating alliances with other digital marketing bulls, such as Growth-X.