7 Tips for Improving your B2B Sales with Social Media Marketing


Sales and marketing often go hand in hand. They depend on each other to grow, and their KPIs are so close that it is not easy to separate one from another.

When talking about Social Media Marketing, choosing the relevant platform is critical. Every person is a different world, every business is a different universe, and each has its platform.

If you’re from the B2B universe, then you should probably consider investing your time and resources in building your Linkedin strategy. Social media is made to connect professionals, and this is the optimal environment to find companies with the right fit to be your client.

So what is tip number one?

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1. Where should I do Social Media Marketing? It’s all about territory.

What is the best social media to promote my company and convert sales?

Let’s do another example to understand the process of finding your business’s territory.
Imagine you’re a high-tech company that offers software which makes businessmen’s lives easier. Where would you go to find such people? Of course, the answer is Linkedin.

This environment was specially designed to connect professionals, and as a result, It’s the most friendly social media to do cold messaging and networking to boost your business or career! It also works like a charm for B2B one-person shows like freelancers.

If you’re looking to automate the process of growing your lead generation on Linkedin and want an alternative to the traditional CPC marketing, in that case, I encourage you to check out Growth-X as a solution to an automated lead generation tool.

2. Aim for Customer Loyalty

Why are engagement and a large pool of followers so crucial on every social media advertising?

Everything we do when interacting with a user causes an effect on a percentage of the total audience that saw the brand activation.

I’m promoting a special event on stories. I know that an average of 20% of my followers will see them, and Only 5% will interact with the content.

So I want to make sure to have a giant pool of active followers to have a more significant 20%, right?

But having a lot of followers isn’t everything. Increasing the engagement percentage is as much as necessary. Why is that?

Imagine we have 10000 followers. Two hundred see our story, and ten and 10 end up. We could aim for a bigger pool of followers or improve our content quality to make 500 people see our story instead of just 200. Logically, the total amount of people who buy increases as well—converting more sales than before.

Aim for customer loyalty

3. Encourage customers to share their experiences.

Referrals are always the best channel to convert sales. They come already interested and trusting in what you offer because a person who they know recommended your product or service.

So when you have a happy customer, make sure they turn into your loyal promoters by sharing what they lived interacting with your company.

Suppose five happy users with two thousand followers share a story tagging you and showing off your brand’s new product. In that case, that means that potentially, tens of thousands will understand that someone they know had a great experience with it, making it much more likely to consider buying from you.

In addition, they have a direct link to your profile thanks for the tagging.

Attractive and creative incentives are essential to convince people to share such content.

In addition, you’ll be generating new qualified leads without having to do cost-per-click media ads.

Encourage customers to share their experiences

4. Buying should be fun and EASY.

Imagine you’re looking for a new marketing solution, and after an hour of surfing on social media, you found the perfect product.

But what’s this? Does the company’s profile doesn’t have a link to their e-commerce site? They also don’t take advantage of the integrated marketplace? Do I have to change to chrome, google the brand, and see how to purchase in a complicated platform I’ve never seen? No thanks…

User experience may be the most critical aspect of sales and marketing on social media. That’s because we use social media to make the clients’ lives easier. For that purpose, we must consider making the process of buying the most enjoyable as possible.

What happens when you have a great time shopping presently? Eventually, you come back to the store! So the same logic applies to digital marketing. Click To Tweet

Make sure that people enjoy spending time on your e-commerce and make it super accessible for them. That’s how leads turn into paid customers in social media marketing.

In case you’re offering a solution to companies, easy is your keyword:

  • Easy to find
  • Easy to understand
  • Easy to interact with
  • Easy to buy

Of course, if you want to convert more sales, you need to be exciting and relevant in all stages of your communication. But remember that being in a more severe environment (the B2B world) makes it more critical to stand out, be attractive, and be precise with the information you give than fun.

5. Interact with other accounts that share your niche

Alliances are widespread in social media strategies, and there are almost infinite ways to do so. Let’s cover the basics:

CPC marketing

  • Brand x brand: the goal is to find a brand that shares the same audience as you but doesn’t compete on the product or service.

    Imagine you sell jewelry and want to position yourself as a luxurious but affordable option. Would you partner with Sephora, or would you try to find a collaboration with a cheap clothing brand like Forever 21?

    Both share your audience, but Sephora is your product competition, and Forever 21 sees you as an accessory for what they sell.

  • Brand x influencer: find a personality that highly engages with your target audience.

    You are a guitar luthier and want to share your latest masterpiece to impress musicians and bring business to the store.

    In this case, allying with a guitarist that concentrates specifically on reviewing guitar models and testing them out would be gold to drive traffic to the store’s profile.

    Just lend the brand new guitar, let the influencer show its magical sound by taking it for a test drive on an Instagram-live, reel, story, or post, and his fans will do the rest. If interested, they’ll ask questions in the comment or directly go to your profile.

  • Influencer x influencer: Like the brand x brand, influencers must have something to do with each other’s audience. Consider this activation as a crossover like in the series.

    Would you watch a movie about James Bond meeting Barney, the dinosaur? Of course not. But when Batman and Superman collide, the internet goes wild.

    The same thing happens here. If you’re an influencer, think carefully about who can be your ally without taking stealing audience from you.

    A good example would be two comedians who do stand-up. Comedian A does a lot of sports references, and Comedian B works with general knowledge.

    Are they both comedians? Yes
    Do they compete? Not necessarily

    The reason is that Comedian A works with a specific niche, sports. So even though they both want to make you laugh, If you’re into sports, you won’t look at Comedian B but may give it a chance in the future, after laughing first with Comedian A.

Which type of collaboration suits you the most? And which ally will help you convert sales the most? Remember this is another choice of promoting your business aside from CPC marketing, media ad.

6. Make sure to be present on particulare-commerce dates.

Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Father and Mother’s day, etc.

These are all great excuses to create content, a must for social media marketing because it lets the audience know you have a little something reserved for them for the festivities. It’s a strategy to keep your brand active and stay more present than the competition.

The most important sales event of the year indeed is Black Friday. A special occasion celebrated in many countries, in which brands offer exaggerated discounts for a short period. Ecommerce clients go wild with their purchases during the event, converting more sales than ever.

converting sales

7. Interact as much as you can with your followers

Do you know what made Fredy Mercury stand out so much aside from his voice? His ability to interact with his audience. It may sound silly, but have you considered how much value it has for a follower to find out his favorite brand just liked their comment? 

Recognition is the way we have to let followers know that we care about them. Like, answer comments (even some stories if you dare), be present for them, thank them whenever you hit a round number of followers, make giveaways, etc.

Caring is sharing, and by sharing, our brand gets acknowledged. So don’t slack on your followers, and make sure you let them know the brand loves them. That’s how you drive them organically to your e-commerce and convert sales on social media marketing.

media advertising

So how have you found these tips? Do you have any useful tools or strategies for Social Media Marketing?

Let us know by sharing in the comment section 😉

Starting his career at McCann Erickson as a creative copywriter at only 20 years old, he showed creative thinking and writing for brand ad campaigns in ATL and BTL. He got invited to be a part of Fast Media Management as team coordinator and scaled his way up to be a partner and the agency’s Chief Operating Officer. Later on, the company was renamed Fast Media Group. Today, Dan spends his days working from Israel building relationships for FMG and creating alliances with other digital marketing bulls, such as Growth-X.