2021 New Features: More LinkedIn Invites and a Super-Efficient Inbox


5 years growing your business

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Growth-x has been running for over 5 years now, and we’ve been constantly perfecting our product and Customer Success Service. In 2021 we have implemented several features that will help you boost the lead generation results at a super-efficient time spent.

Here are some amazing new features we introduced during the year till now:

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1- Acquisition+

Linkedin has recently restricted the number of invites a user can send per week. We have created a great new campaign type that allows users to more than double their lead gen power! 

Acquisition+ campaign

2- LinkedIn Inbox Templates

How often do prospects respond similarly, ask the same question and request more information?
Cases such as:

  • Please send more info.
  • I’m interested but reach me again in XX time.
  • This is great! But I’m not the decision-maker. You should contact @person.
  • Please send info to my email.
  • We already have a service/product like yours.

To lower your SDR time (engagement efforts) we created a Template Feature to help reduce your writing efforts and time spent to a minimum while still providing great responses. So next time someone asks you to send more information, you won’t have to re-write the reply. Simply use the template and within 2 clicks it is done it will respond personally with First Name, Company Name, or any other personalization you wish to use in the Template.

message templates

3- Snoozed and closed conversations:


“I’m interested but reach me again in XX time” is a very common response. So, to save time and energy, we created the “Snooze” button to postpone a conversation until XX date.

So next time someone asks you to follow up in a month or requested more info and you wish to follow up the lead in a few days- snooze it! simply hit the snooze button! The conversation will return as “unread” in your LinkedIn inbox at the time you set.

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Unfortunately, not all leads are positive. We have the “close” button to separate the dead ends from ongoing positive conversations for these cases.

action buttons in inbox

4- Conversation filters

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Since it is very easy to lose track of leads in your daily activities we have created the following filters:

  • Open: shows all conversations.
  • Unread: shows conversations with unseen messages
  • Your turn: shows conversations in which the lead has responded, and it’s “your turn” to reply.
  • Closed: shows negative leads added with the “close” button.
  • Snoozed: shows conversations postponed with the “Snooze” button.
  • Likely Positive– will show all responses that our AI scores as positive 

conversation filters

5- Conversation details

Isn’t it nice to have all the information at our disposal when we need it? You will now see all the prospect’s information (email, phone, location, title, company, campaign source).

conversation details

6- Filter LinkedIn Inbox by Tags

A small tag for a conversation but a great feature for your KPIs.

You can later on tag conversations and look for a specific one, sorting them out by your desired tags.

filter by tags

7- Blacklist of Companies

Before, we had to type (or copy and paste) each company we wanted to exclude from our campaigns, so to simplify the lives of our users, we created a feature in which you’ll have to enlist your blacklist only once to exclude companies from every GX campaign.

Blacklist of Companies

8- Send LinkedIn Inbox Messages by email

“Please reach me on my email.” Another widespread response.

We created this feature to send a message via email without leaving your inbox to save time for our users. How great is that?!

Countless minutes and clicks are going to be saved by using this clever shortcut.

Send LinkedIn Inbox Messages by email

Any questions?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us on our in-app chat or schedule a demo and learn more about how we can double your leads while saving you time!

Starting his career at McCann Erickson as a creative copywriter at only 20 years old, he showed creative thinking and writing for brand ad campaigns in ATL and BTL. He got invited to be a part of Fast Media Management as team coordinator and scaled his way up to be a partner and the agency’s Chief Operating Officer. Later on, the company was renamed Fast Media Group. Today, Dan spends his days working from Israel building relationships for FMG and creating alliances with other digital marketing bulls, such as Growth-X.