A Step-by-Step Guide to Automating your LinkedIn


Automating your LinkedIn

We are almost at that particular time of the year in which we get the joy of seeing every e-commerce store with a GIANT discount banner, such as Black Friday.

Sales professionals understand the importance of LinkedIn. It is the only social media platform in the world that caters to business professionals, making it a goldmine for generating more leads. 

For starters, it has more than 61 million “senior-level influencers.” These are not influencers in the ordinary sense of the word, per se. Instead, these people are capable of influencing decisions in their respective organizations. For B2B sales professionals who want to maximize their platform usage, LinkedIn automation is a great idea. Here’s what you can automate on LinkedIn:

  • Prospecting and viewing profiles
  • Sending connection requests
  • LinkedIn messaging
  • Following up from contacts
  • Endorsing skills

Prospecting and Viewing Profiles

Prospecting and Viewing Profiles

One of the best ways to save time with LinkedIn automation is to automate prospecting. B2B sales professionals understand the importance of finding the right profiles. Ideally, you will have to visit a prospect’s profile to see if they meet your company’s requirements. 

More importantly, if they are second-level contact, they will receive a notification when viewing their profile. This will grab their attention, and if you have a professional LinkedIn profile photo and an optimized profile, they might send you a connection request. 

However, this takes time. You will have to individually visit each user’s profile and match it with your ideal buyer persona. Why do that when you can automate the whole thing with a reliable LinkedIn automation tool such as Growth-X? If you have a subscription to LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you just need to select your target audience (or upload your own list). 

LinkedIn automation tools allow transferring batches of profiles directly into the CRM.  

Once all of the contacts are uploaded, you can select the number of profiles to view. The application will automate profile views and provide results with one click. This is a great way to catch your recipients’ attention and saves a great deal of time.

Growth-X works with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It’s a cloud-based app that runs directly in your browser, so it’s incredibly safe and secure. You can easily find relevant decision-makers in different organizations to target. But LinkedIn automation doesn’t stop there. 

Once you identify prospects, you also have to message them. As B2B sales professionals know, mass messages usually fall on deaf ears. 

Your message should start with the recipient’s name, and it should be tailored to look as if it was personalized and sent only to one recipient. With Growth-X, you can do that as well (we’ll get to that in a second).

Automating LinkedIn Messaging

One of the best examples of LinkedIn automation is setting up automated messages. With a tool like Growth-X, you can easily create a personalized connection request to target prospects. That first message you send along with your connection request can prove to be the difference between success and failure. 

As a B2B sales professional, you need to keep things professional but not too rigid. Growth-X assigns a Customer Success Manager for each campaign that you initiate. Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will also give you comprehensive feedback regarding the tone or length of your messages. 

This external feedback can go a long way in helping you make a strong first impression on your prospects. 

Sending Connection Requests

Sending Connection Requests

With a LinkedIn automation tool like Growth-X, you can easily automate the tedious process of sending connection requests. When sending a connection request, you must introduce yourself properly and describe what value you bring to the table. You can follow several tips when writing a LinkedIn connection request, such as always keeping the focus on your recipient.  

Automating connection requests allows us to scale your prospecting. It’s also essential for building your network. 

With a tool like Growth-X, sending personalized connection requests takes just a couple of clicks once you have identified your target audience.

Following Up from Prospects

Your prospects will likely ignore the first message you send in most cases. It could be because they are busy or just didn’t get around to it. That’s where message sequences come into play. Perseverance is arguably the most prominent recipe for success for B2B sales professionals.

However, instead of sending messages to prospects after random intervals, you should use a tool like LinkedIn automation to create a dedicated chain of follow-up messages. 

Following Up from Prospects

These messages can be sent after specific intervals, so you don’t seem too pushy. Follow-ups should be a crucial part of your LinkedIn outreach strategy, as they go a long way in establishing interest. 

Your follow-up message might catch a recipient at the perfect time, thus prompting a response! Setting up multiple follow-up messages is generally essential. However, doing everything manually can get incredibly tiring.

You can simply create multiple campaigns and activate them with a LinkedIn automation tool. The follow-up messages will be sent automatically at predefined intervals. More importantly, with the help of a Customer Success Manager, you can also improve the wording you use. 

Endorsing Skills

You don’t want to come off as a robot on LinkedIn. If your connections think that you only use LinkedIn for sales prospecting, they’ll probably start avoiding you. By endorsing their skills or liking different posts, you’ll appear more natural on the platform. 

LinkedIn automation tools also allow you to endorse the skills of different connections. Almost every user who takes LinkedIn seriously adds a few skills to their profile. LinkedIn also takes skills seriously.

According to the platform, people who list a minimum of five skills generate 17 times more views on their profiles. 

Endorsing a prospect’s skills is a great way to interact with them on LinkedIn. You can easily automate this process instead of doing it one by one. You can even decide the number of skills that you’d like to endorse per profile, as well as the number of contacts that you want to interact with.  

Why Is LinkedIn Automation Important?

Why Is LinkedIn Automation Important

LinkedIn automation is the most efficient way of using the platform to the fullest. Instead of spending your time repeating tedious steps, you can easily automate several repetitive tasks to save time and energy.

With just a few clicks, you can easily automate everything mentioned above. Most B2B sales professionals already have to wear many hats in a day and juggle numerous tasks. Automation makes it easy for them to focus on what matters. 

With a reputable LinkedIn automation tool like Growth-X, your sales team will not just save time, resources, and precious money, but they can also focus on improving your sales funnels. Above all, the most significant benefit of LinkedIn automation is that it’ll help you grow your network and profile on LinkedIn very quickly. You will notice a considerable improvement in your LinkedIn SSI over time as well.

Are You Using LinkedIn Effectiely?

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. It’s an excellent arena for B2B sales professionals, as long as they are equipped with the right tools. Instead of spending time on tedious and repetitive tasks, why not automate these repetitive activities on LinkedIn? 

It’ll help you stand out among the rest, and it will significantly improve your sales prospecting figures! Growth-X is one of the best LinkedIn automation tools that prioritizes its clients. Our service includes comprehensive assistance with targeting, analysis, and campaign optimization. 

Your Customer Success Manager will call you weekly with a status update, so you’ll know just how well your campaigns are coming along. So, if you aren’t using LinkedIn effectively, it’s time to unlock its full potential!  

I’m Growth-X’s digital marketing, copywriter, and customer success expert who focuses on growth hacks for B2B companies. When not working, you might catch me doing yoga or planning my next adventure.