What Tools Do Growth Hackers Use?

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Growth hacking example Learn everything you need to know to start your journey as a growth hacker.

What is growth hacking?

Have you ever been stuck with the number of followers on social media? Maybe you are struggling to generate more traffic than in the past months to your website or blog? Are your KPIs challenging to achieve, and on top of that, do you not count on a significant budget that the goal demands?

Well, my friend. What you’re lacking is growth hacking (or growth marketing methods). A growth hacker has the task of generating traffic, visualizations, likes, followers, connections, messages, clicks, and purchases on digital business by using nothing else than their creativity and knowledge around the platforms. In other words, their job is to find a non-conservative or traditional way to grow a business or social media account. 

What does a growth hacker do?

A growth hacker doesn’t stick to the tools that the platforms provide to every user. For instance, it’s always essential to use PPC campaigns on Instagram, Facebook, or Google, BUT sometimes there’s not enough budget. Nevertheless, you want to go the extra mile and get even more results than you’re supposed to with the money at your disposal. 

If you are an excellent growth hacker, you’ll always research to find creative and innovative ways to go around the methods available to everyone and ¨hack¨ the traditional way to grow. 

But why growth hacking?

There are several reasons to do so:

  • By doing so, you’ll be executing strategies that most people don’t even know exist.
  • Because it doesn’t depend on how much money you can spare for advertising.
  • Compared to traditional campaigns like PPC, its instant execution makes it ideal for new businesses and startups.
  • You’ll be aiming for new and more interesting KPIs.
  • The chances of going viral and generating more traffic to your platform are more likely.
  • It allows you to be creative and test many unique ideas from different angles at the same time.

Why growth hacking?

Have you ever wondered why the competition is getting much better results on digital? Let me teach you why.

Now, let me share a growth hacking example before going overgrowth hacking services:

We all know Nike and its slogan “just do it.” Their motto is to drive people from sedentarism to work out and feel better about themselves by doing so. Running is one of the most required exercises to stay in shape, and listening to music is the most popular thing.

So, what’s the most popular platform people use to listen to music? The answer is Spotify.

Nike knew that most of its potential customers are also Spotify users. To affiliate with that audience, they created playlists with various music genres that adjust to every person. They took advantage of another company’s product and linked it to their usage situation. 

People started saving Nike’s playlists on their Spotify account, and whenever they went running, it was their selection, the one they chose to play—making them think about their brand instead of Adidas, for instance. The best part? They did it with zero budget.

Get more LinkedIn leads

Growth Hacking Tools

If you want to start implementing some new methods to scale your business, then you’ll find the following growth hacking companies very interesting.

Crystal Knows

growth marketing methods

Learn about your prospects before approaching them

One of the most challenging things about social media cold messaging is understanding how the target person responds to specific approaches. 

One could be shy and feel too pressured by an aggressive sales pitch; another person would instead like it over a time-consuming step-by-step user experience in which you try to lure the prospect through small talk or interest in his work or company.

Crystal Knows delivers information about people through the reading of their social media profiles. It offers tips to address the target and helps you build an empathetic message to make the prospect feel comfortable reading your peach.


growth marketing methods

Learn about your prospects before approaching them

Case resolution is crucial in every business. Whenever a customer or potential client needs help, someone (or something) must provide such support. Many companies have people to take care of this task by answering questions over the phone or chat.

In 2018 the chatbots became popular and took over the world. Consequently, people started to interact with script-guided artificial intelligence to help the user fix their problems. Landbot offers the tools to create a chatbot at your acquaintance to provide the customer support you always dreamed of. 

But why is this a growth hacking example? Well, it depends on how you use it. Remember: growth hacking is creative, low to no budget, and opportunistic. 

Imagine your bot successfully drives a user from the consideration step of the funnel to the actual sale of a product or service. Or maybe there is a question that needs an answer. Once the issue is solved, you could add a call to action to share the experience he just had with his contacts on social media.

“Thanks for your purchase! Hope to see you again soon. 

If it’s no problem for you, word-of-mouth recommendation is always welcome and helpful for providing our services. 

Would you like to share your experience with your friends on Facebook/Linkedin/Whatsapp?


Digital marketing growth hacking tools

Save lots of time by letting the prospects schedule on your digital calendar by themselves!

If you are a complex business, you most likely need sales calls to close a deal. In the B2B category, companies often want to get to know you better before engaging in a commercial relationship and becoming a client.

When growth hacking strategies take off, you start to see a considerable demand for scheduling meetings, and a great deal of time is spent coordinating with the prospect. Calendly is one of the best growth hacks to free you from such tedious tasks.

With this tool, you create a calendar programmed to offer spaces during your work-time configured by you so that when a prospect is interested enough to ask for a meeting, the only thing you have to do is share your calendar’s link. The potential client will choose the time that better suits their necessities. Say goodbye to the annoying back and forward mailing to find the right time for both!

Cutting this process will also help your conversion rate because it is less likely that the prospect runs out of patience by not finding a good time to meet on the first few attempts.

Automation tools from growth hackers


Algorithms in social media are the ones that decide if you are relevant. So if you want to be shown on people’s feeds, make sure that your accounts feed these bad boys and keep them as happy as you can.

Every social media have two things in common:

  1. They want to keep you inside the platform as much as possible, even spending your whole day scrolling through content.
  2. They want you to interact with other users and make them engage with you because that gives a reason to keep spending time on social media.

Following these two dogmas demands specific tasks to demonstrate the algorithm that we are doing our part to keep users interested, happy, and constant on the platform. 

Followliker offers you the opportunity to automate small but essential tasks on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr such as:

  • Liking
  • Unliking
  • Follow
  • Unfollow
  • Post Tweets
  • Retweet
  • Reply Tweets
  • Favorite Tweets
  • Send Direct Messages
  • Share Photos and Videos
  • Comment 
  • User Search
  • Tweet Search
  • Share Pins
  • Repin
  • Pin Search
  • Post Blogs
  • Blog Search
  • Blacklist Users
  • White-list Users
  • Run Multiple Accounts
  • Scheduled Tasks

And the list goes on.

If you’re looking to be the social media algorithm’s best friend to reach even more people than before with your content, then LikeFollow is for you.

message invitation linkedin prospect

Finding relevant prospects should be the primary concern of a growth hacker. From the audience segmentation to the messaging and scheduling a sales call, that’s all on the growth hacking side. 

But going through all these steps can be exhausting and time-consuming. Instead of redacting message by message or copying and pasting cold approaches over and over again, you could be working on internal issues for your company and optimizing processes.

Linkedin is the best social media platform to engage with professionals. It has exciting conversations to build B2B business, and Growth-X helps you automate the process so that you can spend your valuable time on what’s more important for your company.

From the start, you’ll have a Customer Success Manager whose primary concern is to help you find the right audience for your goals, create the perfect messaging to approach them and catch their interest and make sure you’re getting the ROI you deserve. 

In addition, sometimes we send an invite to a relevant prospect, but it takes days or even weeks for them to accept. By the time this happens, you don’t even remember why you connected with this person. To solve this, Growth-x lets you set up connection request messages and more than one follow-up with programmed variables that assure the personalization needed for Linkedin users to feel like they were specially chosen to be peached.

No more annoying spreadsheets or notifications to remind you to follow up on a lead! 

Huge companies such as PayPal, Kodak, Dell, and WeWork are already taking advantage of this fantastic automated growth hacking tool. So why wouldn’t you?

I encourage you to see for yourself by scheduling a demo call with one of their specialists.

Each platform needs different kinds of growth hacking tools.

We went over a few of them to give you a head start and boost your general development and social media growth hacking efforts. So please don’t wait for the info to slip out of your head and put your hands on the keyboard; it’s time to save time on your processes, automate your lead generation on Linkedin and launch your growth to the moon. 

Starting his career at McCann Erickson as a creative copywriter at only 20 years old, he showed creative thinking and writing for brand ad campaigns in ATL and BTL. He got invited to be a part of Fast Media Management as team coordinator and scaled his way up to be a partner and the agency’s Chief Operating Officer. Later on, the company was renamed Fast Media Group. Today, Dan spends his days working from Israel building relationships for FMG and creating alliances with other digital marketing bulls, such as Growth-X.