A target with a title LinkedIn Ad Targeting, and a Growth-X logo
23 Jul, 2024

Advanced LinkedIn Ad Targeting Strategies

LinkedIn ad targeting is essential for businesses aiming to reach a professional audience with precision. This approach not only improves ROI but also ensures that your marketing efforts are directed toward individuals most likely to engage with and benefit from our LinkedIn automation, optimization, and ad formatting services. Read on and discover all the options […]

An image showing linkedin interractions with a title: How to hibernate your linkedin account?
20 Jul, 2024

How to Hibernate Your LinkedIn Account

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the constant barrage of notifications and updates from social media, even from professional networks like LinkedIn. Whether you’re taking a career break, switching jobs, or just want some digital detox, hibernating your LinkedIn account can be a smart move. Let Growth-X‘s lead generation experts walk […]

a certification in a frame
12 Jul, 2024

How to Upload Your Resume and Certifications to LinkedIn

If you’re aiming to improve your LinkedIn profile and capture the attention of potential employers or associates, uploading your resume and certifications is a smart move to make. LinkedIn is a powerful tool for professional networking and job searching, and showcasing your credentials can make a significant difference. A well-completed LinkedIn profile can serve as […]

a variation of linkedin logo
08 Jul, 2024

How to Export Leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a powerful tool widely used for B2B lead generation. It provides access to an extensive network of professionals and businesses, making it simpler and easier for users to reach potential clients and partners. One of the most valuable features of the Sales Navigator is the ability to export leads, enabling you […]

A loop maximizing the LinkedIn sales navigator logo
08 Jul, 2024

LinkedIn Sales Navigator & How to Use It

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the paid version of LinkedIn for sales reps with lots of additional functionality to help you generate B2B leads. But is it worth it?

clocks showing different hours, so you can decide when to post on LinkedIn for different time zones
05 Jul, 2024

Best Time to Post on LinkedIn for B2B

The right or wrong choice of the best time to post on LinkedIn can either make or break your B2B marketing efforts. As a platform designed for professional networking, LinkedIn’s user engagement patterns are slightly different from those of other social media sites. Throughout this post, Growth-X will guide you through the optimal times to […]